Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas collages

I thought these ornaments and Christmas package labels were so cute and ingenious. I love the way the figures are put together and the sparkle put into each one. I love the collectibles and gadgets attached to give it a little punch, yet they still carry the nostalgic charm of the good-ol'-days. I enjoy seeing what people have done with stained-glass and art using the same techniques. It's intriguing to see what one talent can lead to.
I've been looking at some similar to these that are used as charms and pendants. I love the whole idea of wearing art that someone actually made. These remind me of my mom, who has picked up the hobby of glass art. They also remind me of my grandmother, who collects knick-knacks and has for years. I have always enjoyed combing through the boxes and boxes and drawers and drawers of old earrings, pins, buttons, and everything. I've always wanted to make a collection of the most interesting and my favorite pieces. This is the perfect kind of thing to exhibit all of those small gems. Looking at stuff like this makes me want to collect every little thing I find and be a pack-rat for the next few decades, haha.

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