Saturday, March 22, 2008

My newely acquired upholstery skills: Installment 2

Welcome back to my adventures in upholstery!

This is after I had tied all of the springs together so they work as one unit.
This is after I put the webbing on the back and put burlap over the springs. Then the springs were tied together and sewn to the burlap.
This is after I put the foam and padding over the burlap. Foam and padding make up the back as well. The muslin fabric is holding all of the foam and padding together and sets the foundation for the upholstery fabric.


The Osborne Family said...

It's really fun to see the different steps in restoring and upholstering a chair. I've actually wondered about it before, believe it or not. =)

Carrie Whitlock said...

Wow! It is looking really good!


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