Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Gonda Building

This was one of my final projects for my drawing class last semester. It's a full sheet (18" x 24") done in graphite and ink. I chose to do most of the piece in a mechanical pencil for sharp, manufactured lines, and then I went over some lines with accent ink for an abstract, modern feel to a traditional structural drawing.
I did a set of three drawings of buildings in downtown Rochester, MN centralized around the Mayo Clinic and other famous buildings in the downtown area. I decided to make the set around my hometown and some of the major accomplishments Rochester contains.
The Gonda building is a newer building built by Mayo Clinic in 2001 with 21 floors and the capacity to add another 10 floors in the future. It is the center of the Mayo Clinic and the largest of all of the Mayo buildings, which is why I felt it was a significant building to construct.

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