Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anna Rae Custom Designs

I know some of you might know this, but I have started a website, a custom announcement and design business called Anna Rae Custom Designs. J has been so good to me and helped me set up a lot of the website already, but it's still in progress. The premise of the business is to create custom announcements for people, with the option to use one of the pre-made templates or create a completely custom design. I will be employing my visual art talents, creative designs, and digital knowledge to make a plethora of options, hopefully pleasing any and all.
So far, I have had one client and we are sending out her wedding announcements today! YAY! and I also have a second somewhat client already lined. Check out the website (I do realize it's not complete yet) but keep checking it out for a more ideas and a completed business soon!


Brittany Hall said...

Wow, those look really great! I love the crisp look of the photos. Good job on these, I'm always impressed by your talents!

Carrie said...

Beautiful Natalie! You are so talented. I miss you, how have you been doing?


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