Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some more of my digital portfolio

I am doing some more digital designs to build my portfolio. I am meeting with my professor tomorrow to go over my current designs and get some feedback. Hopefully you'll see a nice big change and I'll be developing some decent stuff. Until then, here's what I have!

I am still building my textile portfolio, but I'm open to doing other designs, like wallpaper or stationary, etc. Here are designs and then what I've done to incorporate them with other things!


Fine Twined said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog through Carrie Whitlocks blog. I have been curious to see what else you can do ever since I saw the quilt you made for her. I absolutely loved it!

I don't know anything about making
digital designs, but I visit a lot of artist and craft blogs. Your stuff is as good as any of the "pros" I've seen.

I am so excited to also see your re-upholstery. My little sister has been taking classes on it in AZ and I live vicariously through her. Where did you learn?

I'm going to keep up on here so keep posting your wonderful pictures!

Kelly Riedel (all the way over in Connecticut)

Fine Twined said...

Okay, I just looked over at your "design websites" and we check many of the the same design blogs. Only you actually take action. I just look and dream :0)


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