Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Dad's Carvings

I am lucky enough to come from a very artistically talented family, including my father.  My dad has always sketched in margins and whittled on sticks while camping.  He is an extremely talented wood carver and has enjoyed the hobby for many, many years.  He has participated in wood carving clubs and classes as well as been annually subscripted to Chips Chats magazine.  In my earlier days, we would have Family Night activities of carving soap, trying to emulate my dad's amazing talent.  (My woodcarving talent never amounted to much, but I'm sure my dad enjoyed those activities.)  Over the years, he has given away quite a few beautiful wood pieces and has fairly recently picked up chainsaw carving.  Here are a few pieces that he has given to me and to his parents.  This is only a few, but they are no less amazing.
Here is a photo of a hair clip my dad gave to me for my 15th or 16th birthday.

This is a cookie press that he carved for me.

This is a walking stick that he carved for his mother.  It is a Daniel and the Lions Den themed cane with beautiful carvings. I included some close-ups. 

This is a relief that he did many years ago and is now hanging in his parent's home. It's a carving of the Bountiful temple with a quotation from Isaiah.

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