Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holiday door-hangers

Wow! It's been a long time since I've had any art to show.  I feel badly, but I just don't make as much art when I'm not pushed to (by grades and deadlines).  My only hands-on art class ended, and I wasn't able to take a second block class, so right now I'm limited to Art History stuff and Visiting Artist stuff.  I can tell you right now: it's not as exciting as doing it myself.
So, here are the last two projects I've done.  I feel kind of silly for showing you my little wood-craft-painting, but I really wanted a Thanksgiving door-hanger and -hey- I'm a college student, so it's little, and hopefully someday it will be upgraded to something bigger and better.  At least it's better than last year's Thanksgiving decorations (nothing).  I really love this gold spray glitter that I bought last year. I have found TONS of uses for it, including my little door-hanger.  I gave you a close-up, out-of-focus picture that you can see the glitter better.
Then, here is my last greatest project. This was actually started last year and I ran out of the little red Christmas bulbs and all of the stores were already sold out, so I had to wait until they came out again this year to finish it.  What do you think?  I bought a red wooden frame at the DI for 50 cents I think, and just glued the bulbs on with craft glue. They're actually quite sturdy.  I didn't know if I was going to have to go over them in a more heavy-duty glue, but they're stuck pretty firm.  I definitely need to work on the actual hanger-part some more, that just won't due, but I wanted to take a picture before you all give up on me.  Also, I saw that some of the bulbs were getting scratched, and that's just not good, especially since I've put so much work into this.  I didn't have any acrylic sealant at my house, and it was getting late, so I just use what I use on all of my charcoal drawings, aerosol hair spray, and it worked great!  I just love Christmas!

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The Osborne Family said...

You're so creative! I don't do anything fun like that.


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