Sunday, November 23, 2008

My First Artist Spotlight!

This is my mom! Now, my mom insists that she's not artistic, but if I'm spotlighting her, I obviously think she's artistic.  Not only does she sew, but she picked up stain glass a few years ago and I love her work!  She also does an amazingly fabulous job on home-improvement projects with my dad, and has a great eye for home decorating.
     My mom has always sewn and has always done fabulous work.  She sewed several dresses for my sister's bridesmaids and she has made numerous dresses for me growing up.  It was only a few years ago that she started picking up quilting, about the same time I did.  She has a very good friend that she quilts with every week and has done some beautiful work.
Her last big project is a wall hanging that the middle changes each month.  She didn't like their square for December, so enlisting my father's help, she has created her own.  It isn't finished, but I wanted to get a snap shot of it. I think it's absolutely gorgeous!
     She has been staying with my grandparents, helping them out, so the last two weekends I was able to go up and sew with her. I got a few pictures of my grandma's sewing room, because I wish I had a sewing room like this (considering my sewing room moves from the corner of my living room, to the table, and back in the corner).  Keep in mind, my grandparents moved into a condo only about two years ago.  Her sewing room in her old house was HUGE (I'm guessing even twice as big with TONS of storage), so this is a smaller room for her, but still a wonderfully nice room for me! Check out all of those thread spools on the wall.  And that's not even all of them!  Some of the boxes in the bookshelf are full of thread too!  My grandma has almost everything you can want in regards to sewing/jewelry making even after downsizing to the smaller room!
     I'm going to miss my mom being so close and sewing with me.  At least I'll get to see her at Christmas!

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