Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I took intaglio last semester and loved it. I really enjoyed being able to make prints and have different and beautiful work come out of it. This semester I'm taking an advanced Intaglio class and will need to set up parameters for myself for the artwork I will be creating the next four months. Hopefully these parameters will help my work to become the style I will want to continue for the rest of my art career, or at least the near future of my art career.
I thought the best way to come up with these parameters is to look at lots of different intaglio artwork and see what appeals to me, then to decide what about them I like the most, and hopefully help myself to design work that I like. In my search, here are some intaglio prints that I really like. These are not my works, but I apologize, I did not get any of the artist's names.

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