Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Mini Tour Around the Intaglio Classroom

For all of those who have no idea how intaglio works, I decided to take a few photos of my assignment in progress. I should have taken more, but I kept forgetting. I will be going back again sometime this weekend (I seriously have spent at least 10-15 hours there this week alone) before I finish the project that is due on Tuesday bright and early.

Here is the copper plate after a design has been etched into it. I used Nitric Acid (quite toxic but is supposed to work really fast, unless it's an older batch, like mine was) and Ferric Chloride (non-toxic, unless you drink it). Once the design is etched into it, ink is pressed into the etched lines, and here's what it looks like:Once it's all inked up, you put in on the press bed, like in the picture. Then soaked paper is laid on top of the plate and the entire press bed is moved between the two calendar rollers and out the other side.After the plate and the paper are run through the press, here's what it looks like! yay! All finished (unless the print turned out nothing like you wanted it to, and then you have to re-work it and re-work it, which is why I'm going back in this weekend)Now you have a preview of what my project is! Hopefully some nice pictures will be uploaded once I'm done working on it.

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Carrie said...

That is cool Natalie! Thanks for sharing!


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