Monday, January 19, 2009

Red, White, and Blue

I guess you could say that I did this quilt in celebration of the inauguration, but I didn't.  I really was doing it for my new nephew!  If you haven't seen it, check out our family blog here.  Little Konrad Cedric was born on Friday the 16th and was in the ICU until this morning.  This he was moved out of the ICU, doesn't have his feeding tube going into his mouth (but he hasn't gotten down sucking and breathing at the same time, so he can't feed completely yet), and doesn't have his air tube either.  He is just doing so fantastically, especially since he was 9 weeks early.  I hope they get this quilt soon so they can wrap him up in it when he comes home.
My sister wanted a red, white, and blue quilt, the colors of the Minnesota Twins.  Her husband is a big fan of the Twins and, of course, wants to pass that one on to his little boy.
And here is the "brother" quilt for my other sister's boy, to be born sometime in the middle-end of March.  I think it's pretty cute, and I really like the colors.  I also really like the asymmetry of it.  Lately I've been drawn to asymmetrical quilts, even though it's not the traditional way (variety is the spice of life!). It's not quite finished until a name is decided on, and then I'll send it out to her and her new baby boy!

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Carrie said...

I love your quilts, Natalie! I wish that I could make your baby something as great as you made for Ravenna! You are awesome!


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