Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Pact with Packing Peanuts

Dan Steinhilber has an amazing exhibit up in the BYU Museum of Art.  Dan is an artist that uses unconventional and every-day materials to make fantastic and usually very large pieces of artwork.  In the exhibit in the MOA alone, he used, balloons, garbage bags (both black and white), duck sauce packets, plastic lawn chairs, trash, florescent lights, chewing gum, a heat lamp, PVC pipes, a sink (with running water), hangers, soda 2-liters, and last but certainly not least packing peanuts!
Dan spoke to my art class two weeks ago for an hour or so about his work and I went from passively content with his work to actively enthralled.  I have found so much inspiration in his artwork.  Here's a picture of the amazing hanging sculpture he made out of Dry Cleaners Hangers:

And here's one of his cool garbage bag sculptures.  For more of his work, you should definitely google him.

I think my absolute favorite piece isn't much of a piece in and of itself, but the idea I find fascinating!  All of his works are "Untitled" so it wouldn't help to tell you the name, but I'll do my best to describe it.  He has packing peanuts in a corner of the gallery with carpet blowers on them very gently, then every ten minutes or so, they are turned on full blast and the peanuts are thrown up in the air creating wonderful air sculptures!  Here are a couple pictures of the peanuts in motion:

Now that you know the background, here's where my pack with the packing peanuts comes in:

A companion piece to this is a video he was exhibiting, showing the packing peanuts throughout an actual living home, his home to be exact.  Taking a leaf blower, he follows the thousands and thousands of peanuts around with a camera, in the tub, under the kitchen table, around the living room.  I was watching this movie utterly confounded.
Why hadn't I done that?  That would be so much fun!  It's like something kids always want to do but are always told no.

So I decided today, and even got it okayed by the chief: When we move into our first home (which we will most likely have a few kids by then), we are going to dump all of our packing peanuts into an empty room, shut the door, and PLAY!  

I am looking forward to it already!  It's going to be sooo much fun!  Don't worry, I'll be sure to post the pictures we take :)

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