Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Talent Award

So, I do this every year, and every year I'm disappointed, but here I go again: applying for one of the BYU Visual Arts Scholarships. I submit a maximum of 15 pieces on a CD and that's it; that's all the judges have to base their decision on.
For the past two years that I have applied for a scholarship in the Drawing and Painting division (the only division that I had any experience in). Since I have taken a few printmaking classes and after talking with one of my professors, I decided to apply for a scholarship in the Printmaking division. Hopefully this will give me a better chance, because not as many people apply in this division.
While all of the submitted work does not HAVE to be in that category, most of them were prints, but I also included some of my watercolors and drawings too. I have already posted most of the artwork that I submitted, but here are a few prints that you haven't seen. And for those interested in size, I included the dimensions below the picture.




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