Sunday, March 29, 2009

So... Much... Homework + Spotlight!

This week has been one of the most insane, stressed-packed weeks of my entire life.  With the semester coming to a close in two weeks, my time on campus and doing homework has more than quadrupled-quadrupled (that's 16 times more).  Thankfully, I finished the huge term paper for my ASL class on raising deaf children, and that was made a lot easier by starting it a while ago (Yay for not procrastinating this once! I guess I'm learning something!)  Then I have a paper and project due in my Art Criticism class, but I've put that one on the back-burner because it's not due for another week.  I have three oil paintings due next week, and then this intaglio project due Thursday.

This project isn't just any project, it's a GIGANTIC project.  My advanced intaglio class has organized a print exchange as one of our graded assignments.  It could have been as little as just our class (6 of us), but we decided that it would be more exciting if we invited others, such as professors, the intaglio class at BYU-Idaho, graduate students, some local artists, and I invited my dad!  It's going to be an amazing exchange when it's all done with, but that also means that I needed to print my design 28 times.  Here is a nice picture of the paper I have, all torn to size, ready to be printed on.  Check out how huge that stack is!
The biggest edition I've ever done was 8 and I thought that was a lot.  Well, I had to make it harder on myself too.  I decided to do a 2-plate-registration for my design, which means that I had to make, ink up, and print 2 plates for every edition, making sure that there are no stray marks, the plates are in registration with each other and so forth.  Needless to say, it more than doubled my printing time.  Thankfully, J was there to be my "Mr. Clean-Hands" while my hands got all inky (cut down on printing time dramatically!).

But good news: it's finished!!!  I have put in about 15 hours before we even started printing, but J and I have been in the intaglio room printing for about a total of 18-20 hours!  We spent 6 hours Thursday, 8 hours Friday, and then about 4 today.  Whew!  Unfortunately I didn't take any snapshots of my print.  I'll need to get some up soon.

While you might be thinking, "Yay! Now you're done!" I'm not.  Because my dad is so far away, I'm going to be printing his edition too.  VERY good news: his is a relief cut, so it's a TON easier to ink up and it's only one run (instead of 2, like mine).  I'm guessing it will only take me about 4 or so hours.  Here are some pictures of his amazing wood cut:

I'll make sure to post more pictures of the editions.


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