Friday, March 6, 2009

The Whitney Awards

I am designing the paper program for The Whitney Awards this year (an awards program designed to help LDS novelists out of obscurity) detailing out the events for their awards ceremony.
I talked with the President of the Whitney Awards today, and showed him my designs for the program. He looked at them and so I'll be putting the blue and grey one (the first one) into fruition.
I thought it might be interesting for you to see some of the designs I came up with for the program, even though I'm just going to be using one of them. I'm sorry about the images. They are kind of hard to see and blogger has been giving me problems with enlarging my photos :(
Don't rely at all on the small type. Because I don't have the legitimate information yet, it's just garble.
I only have designed two pages of each design, but there will be about 10 pages in the completed program when it's all done.

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