Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Big Exchange

This is the big project that I have been talking about (and stressing about) for the last two weeks or so.  Well, it's DONE!  This project is a exchanging of prints by 26 people (+2 shop copies, one for each school).  Each person created a design and used some process to edition it 28 times.  We had intaglio prints, lithographs, wood reliefs, screen prints, and a linoleum cut. I think the designs were great and I really enjoy having the large diversity of prints, even though printing a large edition was a beast.  It's a good thing I had J there to help me print, otherwise I think I would have died.
This morning, we all (the students from the BYU-Idaho class came down, with their professors, our class, professors, guest artists, and graduate students) gathered to exchange prints.  The prints are (pretty much) all amazing and I am sooo glad that my dad was able to participate too.  Here are some pictures from this morning.
This is the print that I made and submitted to the exchange.  I think it turned out really well.  It's titled "generations" and I used some scanned designs from my grandpa's old landscape designs, as well as a design from my dad's sketches, and the rosy design that's all me.  It's a 2-plate registration piece, so I was able to get both green and black on the print.  I think it's my favorite print I've ever done so far.

Wayne Kimball (a professional printmaker and pretty highly respected in the art world, also a professor of lithography at BYU) made the boxes for the exchange.  Also, the next print is his print.  Apparently his prints sell for several thousands of dollars, so I'm glad I was able to get this one of his:Here are a few of my other favorite prints that I got in the exchange:

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Carrie said...

How awesome Natalie! Great work, but wow, lucky you! I love exchanges like this and I wish I had the talent to participate in one.


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