Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Itty Bitty Prints

A few months ago, I prepared these four 2x2" copper plates that I wanted to use for my up-coming multiple-plate-registration assignment in my intaglio class. Once we actually got to the project, I came up with a bigger, and arguably "better" idea for the project, which I used. Now that the semester is ending, I decided to finish these four tiny plates and see what came about by them. Today was the last day of class, and I printed them up. I really was just doing it for fun and seeing what they looked like. I played around with colors, layers, and orientation.

If you are thinking about making a print with small plates, think again. Haha. It was fun, but also frustrating. I seemed to be getting more ink on my hands than on the plate just because they were so small and hard to hold. My teacher said that he did a whole edition with 1x1" plates. He also said he'd never do it again.

There are four different designs all on separate plates. I used a different color on each plate (but some of the colors are similar and even switched from plate to plate). Can you see all of the plates? P.S. 3 of them only have three plates, but the other 5 have all four plates present. Here are just six of the prints that came out of it.This is a close-up of one of the prints. If you look really closely, you can see the embossing of one of the plates, the plate that looks like rays coming out of the clock. I think the tactile quality and 3-D characteristics is one of the more intriguing things that come from intaglio printmaking. (Clink on the image to see it bigger, and to see the embossing better.)

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