Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Monoprints

I had to respond to a contemporary artist for the final project of my Art Criticism class. I decided to respond the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy. He is probably most famous for the pieces he makes when he lays out, just before it starts raining, and once the rain sufficiently wets the rocks/ground all around him, he'll get up and photograph his silhouette, like this one:Well, I didn't get out into nature for my pieces (mostly because the artwork we were supposed to create were not supposed to copy the artist's pieces, but were supposed to be reflections of their work in ours.) So, I created a series (albeit small) of monoprints based on his leaf and rock pieces. You should definitely look at this link to appreciate his leaf wreaths and rock sculptures. Here are just a few of my monoprints. They're not my best works, but they're something. I used the impression and outline of real leaves, but not real rocks on the last two (unfortunately I couldn't not figure out how to get rocks to fit through the intaglio press, otherwise I think I would have tried).

[Speaking of squishing large things not supposed to be squished into an intaglio press, one of my classmates just told us that a classmate of hers last year at BYU-Idaho put live frogs through one of the presses up there for one of his pieces. That's disgusting. Just thought you'd find that interesting/disturbing. I'm glad I stuck to leaves and twigs.]

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