Thursday, May 7, 2009

J's Awards

I was finally going through some boxes that were waaay overdue to go through. One of the boxes was full of J's awards, pictures, letters, and then a bunch of junk. So, I organized it, separated it, and then scrap-booked everything I could. J's Boy Scout Awards were some of the things that I couldn't scrap-book. It is such an honor to complete these Boy Scout Awards, including the Eagle Award, the Duty to God Award, and the On My Honor Award, so I wanted to frame and display them for Justin. Here's what I did! (The colors in the pictures are really deceiving. The background is a black-on-black fabric, not blue, so I also included a blurry picture that shows the color better.)

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Lydja said...

That is so rad! And good for him!


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