Monday, May 4, 2009

Spice Rack!

I have been wanting a spice rack for many months now, and even more so since we had an activity looking at all of my cute neighbor's apartments (a lot of them had spice racks). I used to have all of my spices shoved into one of the far-too-few cupboards. Then I moved them to line up along the back of the stove top. Finally, we picked up a shelf from the DI that I thought would work out, and it does! As soon as we brought the shelf home, the top fell off, so I had to stabilize it a bit with some nails and then I painted it. It still doesn't fit all of my spices on it (I have a lot) but it definitely cleans up the clutter.

1 comment:

Lydja said...

That is so cute!


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