Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I found out last week that some friends of ours got a divorce. It surprised both J and I. We have gone out of our way to hang out with this couple multiple times, as they lived a ways away. We have always had fun, and even last summer we went camping with them for a few days. They always seemed happy and comfortable in each other's company. I've been trying to forget that I ever heard about their unhappy news, but to tell you the truth, it's eating me up.

I can't imagine being without my husband. He fits so perfectly into my life that I know it wasn't just a silly coincidence that we ever found each other, dated, and got married. I love him so much that it's impossible for me to ever deny that marriage is intended to last through eternity.

I'm not very good at creating art that contains powerful universal meaning, as was thoroughly discussed in some of my classes this last semester, but I have found that I can paint (often abstract) things with deep personal meaning if I am not expected to disclose it. I think I just feel ashamed of putting emotions into something that will be critiqued, afraid that it's my feelings that will end up being critiqued in the end.
Trying to put that aside, I am willing to share my feelings on this subject. I painted this piece last year, right after we found out that we were having a baby. I was so incredibly happy and excited, but I think only my anxiety and nervousness came out. Trying to condense my emotions into a simple piece, I painted this watercolor for my husband. I wanted to keep the shapes and colors simple, so as to easily distract someone who doesn't know the deeper meaning, creating a beautiful abstract piece and nothing more, but I also wanted the painting to accurately depict my important and personal message.

I wanted him to see that I truly cared about him, and us, and where our life was going together. I wanted to create something tangible that would be able to remind me, many years down the road, that I loved my husband so much and I never wanted him to forget it. J and I have a love that does not bend, waiting to break when the problems get too hard. Our love is encircled every day by an barrier created by solutions to trials, misunderstandings, and disagreements. This barrier is what makes our marital bond stronger and stronger, protecting our family and our love forever and ever and ever. The knowledge that J will always be there for me keeps me going when I have a hard time. He helps me up when I need some support, and he will always love me. That is why I am so sad for our friends.

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Lydja said...

This is my first time to your art blog. I love it! Thank you for sharing your art with me.


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