Monday, September 14, 2009

Lovely Adam and Eve

J and I have been talking about Adam and Eve quite a lot lately. I always love to hear his insights and thoughts. He is so smart and brings such a different point of view to the topic than I do.
While believing in the "Creation Theory" is not popular in the professional and educational world, I am always so proud of those artists that still paint what they believe in; they are definitely an inspiration to me. I feel that sometimes I am too shy or embarrassed of my beliefs, but these artists allow me to explore creativity in subjects that I know well, and what better to paint than something I know! There are tons of paintings, etchings, and prints surrounding Adam and Eve from hundred(s) of years ago, but it is quite rare to find beautiful, tasteful paintings now-a-days, especially because of the critical eye they attract. Below are some contemporary paintings of this wonderful and glorious subject, our first parents.

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