Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All in the days of an artist

My life is absolutely crazy right now. You might be thinking, "How can it be crazy, you are creating so much artwork?" Exactly. My life is amazingly crazy making art, and it's wonderful! Other than the "crazy" part. I will be making and posting so much more artwork. Here's what's going on:

-School-- Even though I'm taking 9.5 hours, it feels like 50. I'm finishing up one class next week, and then I start a new one. Ugg, but it's going to be so much fun!
-Mommy-- I love my baby. He is so adorable. I could spend my whole day playing with him, but unfortunately I can't :(
-Wifey-- I'd play computer games with J, bake him goodies, and cook him a wonderful dinner every day, but in my crazy life, something's gotta go. Sorry, babe.
-Homework-- 12+ hours of homework weekly. 6 hours for watercolor. 6 hours for figure painting. some extra hours for ceramics sometimes, but the last day of ceramics is next week. Then I start lithography!
-Invitation/announcement business-- I'm making baby announcements for one of my ex-roommates in the next two weeks, yay! I'm also working on some advertising options.
-Etsy-- I have an etsy shop that needs some loving and advertising.
-Quilting-- If you know me, you know I can spend a few days cooped up in my cave sewing and then emerge with a quilt! I love it. I have so much fabric from my grandmother that is just crying at me to use. *sad sigh*
-Illustrating-- I just got an illustrating job!!!!! This is so exciting! I will definitely keep you posted with all of the cool things that go along with that.

Well. My life is insane. The good insane, but still insane.

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The Osborne Family said...

Yes, that sounds pretty crazy. I'd love to hear more about your job! That's exciting. =)


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