Saturday, October 17, 2009


I'm not sure why it is, but it is very typical of a fine artist to keep their studio extremely private. I think it is linked to the notion that great art is created in complete creative solitude. I don't necessarily agree, but there are some times in my life where I would kill for a space all to myself with a locking door. I do think that art is created in a [mostly] structured way, and others interfering can often interrupt the important creative process. But to keep your studio mysteriously secret? That's crazy.

As discussed in some of my classes over the years, artists have this innate desire to be a fly on the wall in another artist's studio. The subject came up when discussing one ceramic artist [I can't remember his/her name] who creates mini replicas of various artist's studios. The idea is truly fascinating; there is just something thrilling about seeing how others work to create great art.

Well, I know you're all DYING to see my studio, and I wouldn't bear to keep all of you curious people out in the dark, so here is what my fabulous studio looks like:

Someday I'll have a space that I can use that I don't have to clean up every night before dinner. *sigh* That will be a wonderful day.I am showing you this plastic cup because it is a special member of my "art family." I have used this cup as my water-for-painting cup for over 2 years. That's a long life for a plastic cup! I just love all of the character that I have put into it.
And just for fun, here are some other artist's studios:
Francis Bacon
Vija Celmin
Sigmar Polke
Marion Boddy-Evans (look at all those books!)
Richard Amend

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