Monday, October 26, 2009

The last of my ceramics

I created this first piece for our man-made item project.  It is a larger version of my retainer case.

I brought the real one to school and was looking at it while I was making my ceramic version.
My teacher came by. I don't think she knew what it was, because she picked it up and exclaimed, "Oh!" in an excited voice. Then she opened it and said, "Oh" in a slightly shocked voice. "You had a small mouth as a child!"
She definitely wasn't expecting the answer she got when I said, "That's my retainer now."

I finished it off with a purple ribbon. It can be used as a pretty box "to keep treasures in" as my teacher put it.  It has this slight textured glaze on it, though it was supposed to be very highly textured.

This second piece started out in the hands of one of my classmates.  Then, after 45 minutes (which is actually not very long at all, since our final piece took 4 3-hour class periods), the piece came into my hands, and my piece went to someone else. I worked on it for 45 minutes and then could choose to fire it or recycle the clay. I ended up really liking it and had it fired. I think I'll use it as a small vase.

As with the first one (and my final project), the glaze didn't come out as I expected.  It was supposed to be a white crackle glaze, but instead it came out grainy.  I still really like it, but I think it would look better shiny. Pretty cool, eh?

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