Monday, December 21, 2009

Hooray for a "real" studio!

You know how I've been talking about wanting a studio?  Well, I convinced J to let me move some furniture around.  I moved the desk that we were using in the baby's room as a changing table into the computer room where we had some space for my studio! Hooray! I moved it several weeks ago, and it was awesome for the last few weeks of classes and finals.  Now, I don't know how I was making it without. 

I took these pictures during finals, and now it's even more of a disaster, but isn't that how a studio is supposed to be?  It's so crazy with left-overs from final projects and such.  I really need to tidy it up, but I kind of enjoy this chaotic creative vibe that is generated from it.

I LOVE being able to work up a storm and then leave it and shut the door. It's been awesome.  I can't wait to utilize it the entire next semester getting ready for my solo exhibition.

Did I mention that I am having a show next year? Oh yeah, it's going to amazing.  Pretty much every bit of my work from here on out is going to be working toward that show.  I can't wait.  I'll post more information about it when it gets closer.  (By the way, that little piece that I'm working on in these pictures, I'm pretty sure it will be in the show. It's a pretty cool piece. I'll post real pictures of it sometime.)

Check out that huge side-ways stack of artwork that's resting against the desk. That's only ONE of my portfolios.  I think, after this semester I have at least 5, of varying sizes.  Right next to it is that big black portfolio with handles. That one has all of my favorite/best pieces in it that I'm selling or keeping.  Then, on the end, trusty Elna (my sewing machine) pretty much sums up the other half my art life :)

If any one knows where we can get a good flat file for a really good price, PLEASE let me know. As you can see, we really need one.

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