Monday, January 25, 2010

Alla Prima

literally means "at once" and is referring to a (usually oil) painting that is made in one sitting, while the paint is still wet. Because of the unique style that is created by painting wet-into-wet, paint is often super thick and messy.  This last week for my oil painting class, we had to paint a jar alla prima and it had to be "the thickest painting we've ever painted in our life." Here is mine. It's crazy and, in fact, I hated almost every minute of it.  I like painting with a LOT less paint.  I think the almost camouflaged look of the bottle in the fabric is intriguing.  I also included a side view.  Eww, it's almost like butter. From what I understand, thick oil paintings like this take at least 1 YEAR to completely dry!

Sorry this picture (below) is kinda blurry.  Because there was so much paint on this painting, the picture had to be taken without the flash, otherwise there was this blinding reflection in the middle of the painting.

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