Monday, January 18, 2010

If I could have anything

in my house, no matter how much they cost, this would be the beginning of the list and is obviously not the complete list. (Originally posted in 2008 on my family blog. Because it fits better here, I moved it.)

This gorgeous bronze sink bowl by Linkasink:
This minimalistic coo coo clock by Reddish (I added the hands, Reddish's clock is a digital, which I don't prefer):This bench and hook combination for the entry:
An antique butcher's block, like this one:

These red tiles from Ann Sacks. I think I'd use these in my kitchen:
This beautiful chandelier:This bathtub by Sorgente, I know, isn't it crazy?!
This kinetic clock by clayton boyer to keep my kids entertained and awe-inspired:
These dishes from Johanna Basford:
This black 3-D wallpaper accent from Rocket St. George:
The smoke chair by Maartin Baas:
This Bedford home desk:
This albino peacock photograph:
This huge peony photograph for my girl's room:
This beautiful cut headboard:
This laser cut bent wood Brocade dining chair:

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