Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finished sculptures

I picked up my finished sculptures today.  It was an extremely fun class and I am glad that I was able to make some exciting sculptures.
First, my steel project found a new home.
Do you think it fits in? haha!

Secondly, here is my finished bronze piece, with a stone base.  The base was created from a piece cut off of the original stone sculpture, which makes it pretty interesting.  It's a little tilted, but I can't fix that very easily now. It'll just have to stay that way.  I ended up re-finishing the patina and added more of the green finish, and you can see it in the close-up.

Last (but NOT least, this time) is my stone sculpture.  Made out of 9 pounds of alabaster, here are some step by step pictures of how it came to be. I found that chiseling really aggravated my tendinitis, making my hands swell.  It took a VERY long time and it was pretty slow going, but fun nonetheless.  Other than that, I really enjoyed it and I'd love to make more if I get the chance in the future.  My teacher said that I should come back as a graduate student! We'll see...

1. rough chiseling with a pointed chisel.  It's VERY dirty, haha!  See the crack in it?  It's actually a line of crystal embedded into the alabaster, but it's weaker than the rest of the stone.  I had to be pretty careful that I didn't hit the stone too hard near it.  One of my classmates had his stone break on him on the last day of class!  Oh the horror!  I feel sooooo badly for him.
2. more...more....more chiseling. Then using a flat chisel.  I cut off part of the stone so it would have a base to stand on.  I also wanted to utilize the beauty of the stone with a flat edge.  Both cuts were made on a wet masonry saw.
3. filing out the rough edges.
4. sanding with masonry sandpaper and polishing.

Finished!  I'm really happy with it, and J really likes it too!  The stone is so beautiful.  I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to polish it up, so I brought some sandpaper home to work on it in my spare time (spare time, haha!)
I really wanted some of everything on this sculpture, shiny polished, chisel marks, flat edge, concave, convex, and some natural stone.  I think they meld together fairly well too.  It doesn't look quite like the maquette, but close enough. 

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