Friday, February 19, 2010

I have no idea

how February has passed so quickly.  Whew. I am exhausted.  Well, in all of this hustle and bustle I got a sunburn... in the middle of February... while I have been indoors all day. How in the world did that happen?  MIG welder.  The electricity coming off of the welder gave me a gorgeous redneck (literally) sunburn. Awesome.
That aside, here is what I've been welding:
It's a steel project for my sculpture class. It's taken me at least 14ish hours, but I think it was totally worth it.

Next is my bronze project.  I posted about it in this post.  But here are some pictures of how the rest of the bronze casting went.  (starting where the last post left off)

6. Chip the white mold off from around the cooled bronze.  This needs to be done with hammers and chisels.  My piece is the one with the tons of tiny holes that were a pain to get the mold out of, the other is a classmate's, and that big, bulky mess of rods in the middle is just to help us pour the bronze. It gets melted down and recycled after we cut off our pieces.

7. Here it is off the sprew (the big, bulky mess of bronze rods) and digging out the mold.

8.  After most of the mold is removed, it's sandblasted clean. Isn't it so pretty?  It won't stay this pretty due to pollutants and stuff in the environment, so I have to coat it. I'm going to put on a patina.

9.  A patina is a chemically induced state of oxidation.  I do this so I can control what it looks like, and then seal it so it won't keep oxidizing.  The patina needs to be put on when the piece it hot, so here I am (slumped over) warming up my piece.

10. After the patina is put on.  I put a black patina on first, and then a blue/green patina, but the second didn't really show up at all :(

11. Then I scrub off the excess so it looks all pretty like this. I seal it with wax and it's done!  Now I need to make a base for it to stand on (the spikes on the bottom go into a wood base so it can stand up on its own). I'm thinking cherry wood...

And last, and least (right now) my stone project. Due Tuesday, I have a LOT of work to do. I won't embarrass myself right now by posting pictures, but you'll see it soon!

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Carrie said...

Wow! You continue to amaze me Nat! Welding is awesome.


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