Tuesday, March 2, 2010

J's Shirts

This was an assignment for my oil painting class.  In fact, it is the last assignment we will have before the BIG painting (3x3 ft) that will take up the entirety of the last month of class.
Needing to create a composition of four or more similar objects, I took a picture of J's closet.  (This small picture below.  It's a really small picture, only about 2"x3".) 

I have been wanting to paint his shirts for some time now.  After I took the picture, I loved it so much, I used the same reference picture to make this watercolor painting, possibly for my show in April.
I really like how the colors fit perfectly together. I didn't rearrange his closet at all, I just shuffled the shirts a bit so they were a little more evenly spaced.  The colors are so perfect that I painted them pretty close to the picture, even that "antique fuchsia" shirt in the back, which has quite a lot of special meaning to us.

(He wore it to our very first dance. Before the dance, we came to an agreement that he would wear his fuchsia shirt.  When he arrived, it was not fuchsia.  We just discovered "antique fuchsia" looks a lot like his shirt, but it's not really fuchsia at all.)

I wasn't able to start on the oil painting for my class until this week because of my crazy life, but I really enjoyed it.  I am really drawn to the subject matter, and I think it's all because it's so closely tied to my hubby.

I know this sounds silly, but I have really come to understand how free art is.  I have been learning about art for so many years and doing art for even longer, but I didn't realize how many possibilities I have in regards to art making.  I'm sad to be learning this as I'm graduating, but it makes me really excited for art I'll be doing for the rest of my life.  

With that in mind, I have really learned to explore different ways to paint.  And with all this excitement, I think I've finally come into (somewhat) of a style. I have painted A LOT in the last year or two and I have learned what I like and what I don't, and I'm really excited to learn that about myself!

One thing that I absolutely love is geometry in art.  I hated math, (all except geometry) but math in art is completely different.  Being able to split up the composition so it works and simplifying shapes down to the most basic lines, it really gets me excited.  I painted this shirt painting with all of that in mind, but also experimenting.  I painted each section and then pressed some sort of fabric and lace into the paint to create texture.  I didn't want a plain flat painting when the subject matter is fabric, and I thought it would liven up the surface.  
While this painting looks simple, it took me about 10 hours-- going over and over with layers of paint (I used a lot of drying medium) so I could get the texture and the color just right.  In the end, I am very proud of it and I'd love to hang it up in our house.  It's also really nice to see J excited about a painting of mine.  He's not usually into my abstract paintings as much, but knowing what this is and what it means to me, he's excited too.

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The Osborne Family said...

That is amazing! I love the texture. Take THAT, judgmental professor!!!


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