Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Turning in Paintings

Yesterday was the due date for our last two paintings.  We had to create compositions of at least 4 or more similar objects. Also, one had to have a depth of field.  I posted more about one of my paintings, but I didn't mention my other-- I painted a set of tea cups and saucers from my great-grandmother.

Because we were in the wood shop making the panels for our next assignment, we were instructed to leave our due paintings up and my teacher would come in and grade them.  When I came into the class room, the paintings were all so great, I just had to take a few pictures of them before I left.

And here are some close-ups of a few of my favorites.  I apologize to my classmates, because I'm not sure who painting all of these:
-This one is oil and encaustic. I absolutely LOVE her style.

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Carrie said...

Those are awesome! I especially love the ones you did. Andrew really like J's shirts!


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