Saturday, April 3, 2010

Streams of Mercy

I have a new favorite artist.  Her name is Annie Henrie and I first saw her painting ("Streams of Mercy," below) in a juried show at BYU, and it was amazing.  I came home and told J that I just found the piece that I want to have in my home.  I didn't have a picture of it, so the next day I decided that I'd go take a picture of it after class, but after class it was gone! I was so upset and I was worried that I'd never see it, or figure out who painted it. 

Well, about two days later, I saw a woman entering a painting ("Morning," below) into another juried show and this second painting was much like the one I saw, so I asked her.  It was the same artist and I am so very glad!  She gave me her website, here!  She has some gorgeous paintings and I am so excited for her BFA show going up in July.
I'm sorry it's a bad picture, but Annie doesn't have a picture of this painting on her website (I took this one with my phone).
Isn't she amazing? I want a piece in my home.

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