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While my mom had taken a few pictures the night of the open house, I finally got a complete set of pictures of my art show today! Hooray!  Sad news- I took my art show down today.

*Some of the pictures are grainy, blurry, and otherwise not very good. Sorry. I'll blame it on my camera.

I Like the Sound When Baby Plays
watercolor on paper, 20"x25"

So Much to Do
acrylic and beeswax on panel, 12"x12"
I had a wonderful show.  For those of you who weren't able to come, I had 14 paintings, a combination of watercolor, acrylic, oil, and beeswax and ranging in size from 6"x9" to 36"x36".  I created these pieces with the theme Hearth and Home in mind.  All of these pieces were created in my home and/or inspired by my life at home.  I also had a book about my background as an artist (with a cute picture I drew from Kindergarten. Maybe I'll write about that later) and pictures of 23 other pieces of my art that also fit the theme.  Here is my artist statement that was posted with at the show:

I have very disparate roles that are present in my life and it is through the linking of those roles that I have found a greater view of myself.  Being a mother and a wife, as well as a student, I spend much of my time in my own home.  It is within the walls of my home that I find comfort and inspiration.  I love looking at the small geometric patterns and details throughout my home, like the fan plate in my bathroom and the layout of the rooms.  I feel that these geometric patterns symbolize the day-to-day routines that my life falls into.  Even though each day may seem monotonous and mind-numbingly similar, each day is never the same.  Each of the little details in the pattern of home life is meaningful and beautiful, and being able to capture those moments will help me to never forget.

Baths Before Bedtime
watercolor on paper, 16"x17"

Getting Baby up from a Nap
watercolor on paper, 16"x17"

You and Me
watercolor on paper, 16"x16"

Like My Grandmothers
oil on panel, 12"x12"

I have a lot of mixed feelings. It will be so nice to have my own artwork back, so I can hang it in my own home, or sell it so others can enjoy it.  I really like my art (I hope so!) and I'm glad to have it back.  But it's also a really sad day.  I really enjoy having my art showing. I like being able to bring people together to see art and I enjoy the social interactions it provides.

Freshly Laundered
watercolor on paper, 16"x19"

I Have Done So Much
acrylic and beeswax on panel, 12"x12"
Having this art show has been an incredibly wonderful experience.  Even though it has been far more stressful than I ever thought it would be, I enjoyed every aspect of it.  I did everything myself, so I feel like there are really connections to every inch of my art, not just the painting.  I thought about the painting, and for some paintings, like the big "We Have Made a Family" painting, that thinking was HARD work for over a week and a half.  Because it was an assignment, we were supposed to log our hours, and I spend over 6 hours during that week and a half just trying to come up with what to paint. That might sound crazy to some people, but having a concept that you have worked so hard for, you've thought about the little details, there is no better enjoyment than spending 35+ hours seeing it come to life.

Blue Closet
oil on panel, 15"x18"

I am Beautiful
watercolor on paper, 16"x16"

Today is the Day
watercolor on paper, 17"x19"

Then, after I have thought of a concept, I paint it.  But just painting it isn't as easy as it sounds.  Painting is hard work.  In fact, I have paid people for 5 years to teach me how to paint better.  Therefore, I have found that painting is a lot harder than I thought.
Stairs and Shade
oil on panel, 12"x12"

For Little Trinkets
watercolor on paper, 14.5"x18"

Well, after I've painted what I thought I'd paint (okay, well, painting exactly what you wanted to paint is the hardest of all...), I matted, stripped, mitered, and framed the pieces on paper.  For the pieces on panel, I built cradles for them.  Then I painted the frames, or waxed the natural wood on the cradles, after I sanded them all by hand. Did I say that I feel like I'm in every inch of my art?  Well, I think I am. Literally.
We Have Made a Family
oil on panel, 36"x36"

Cutting the glass by hand, fitting each piece into the frame (because this was such a horrific part of the framing experience, I'm putting it in as a separate step), cleaning the staticy Plexiglas/glass (also horrible), and then screwing in each piece, backing each piece with paper to keep the dust out, it was a long haul.

It's so nice to have all of these wonderful finished pieces. I have never had so much art before, let alone so much of my own artwork and I love it.  I hope I have many more experiences like this.

Well, while I was taking down the artwork, I couldn't help but think about how sad it was to have everything bare.   I mean, practically every wall in the HFAC (Harris Fine Art Center at BYU) is always covered with artwork, so to see it in transition also gives me a sense of excitement and anticipation.

P.S. If you'd like to purchase any of the art in the show, please contact me!

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