Friday, May 21, 2010

From Prom to Princess

This weekend we have a Princess and Pirate Party we are going to. I posted about my baby's adorable pirate costume last week, and so now it's my princess costume's time!  I have a few of my old prom dresses. I love them and have actually had a few times to wear them (homecoming dances, parties, weddings, Halloween, etc)  My very favorite prom dress I wore my senior year, but I haven't been able to wear it since.  Because it is so beautiful, I decided that I wanted to modify it for the Princess Party.
The bodice is waaay to pretty to just throw away, so I saved it for a little girl's dress sometime in the distant future.  My mom and I modified it and put sleeves on it for my prom in 2005.

The skirt was attached to the bodice indirectly, so it made it very nice to just cut it off.  Isn't the skirt so pretty?  I folded over the extra fabric to make a top band, and used the existing zipper and voila! Finished! Suuuuper easy and really cute! The only thing is, it's a little tight (having a baby will do that to your old prom dresses), but I couldn't fix that without doing a lot of work to it.  I'll just wear it a little tight.
The nice thing is, I've been wanting a really nice skirt to wear for Christmas parties or weddings, and this will do perfectly!  Like I said, super easy.  You should do it too!  If you send me some pictures of you doing some of my "tutorials," and I'll post them!

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