Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting ready for the Birthday Boy!

I have been crazy busy doing things lately! I feel so accomplished!  Since Sunday I have read a book (started and finished-- it wasn't super good), made Impossible Cheeseburger Pie (yum!), made a bow-tie for my little boy, made birthday bunting for said little boy's 1st BIRTHDAY, made said 1-year-old's birthday crown, finished all the mending, finished some Church Activity Books that I started ohh...3 years ago, made a new highchair cover, washed the dishes 3 times (WHAT?!?) and started packing for this stupid "new" carpet that is getting installed next Wednesday :(  Whew! It has been crazy!

First things first, the bow-tie! (I forgot to take pictures on how to make it, but it was super easy and I'll do a post soon):
Isn't he so handsome?? He's getting so big! I made the bow-tie out of an old tie from my dad.  Love it!

Next, the birthday bunting.  I've been wanting to make some so I have instant re-useable birthday decorations, so when better to start?
I made it entirely out of scraps that I have. It was super easy, though I didn't take any precautions for keeping the edges from fraying. Oh well.  It's so easy that I can make one later and get rid of more scraps.

Then, the birthday crown! I read this book last week, and there was a great idea in it about having a crown for each child just for birthdays! I loved the idea and decided that I'd start that tradition with baby's very first birthday!  I'm sorry the pictures are blurry.  I feel like I say that a lot. For some reason, my camera is not doing so well.
I also made the crown out of scraps, but I used another old tie from my dad for the band. The tie convienently had button-holes, perfect for creating a crown that will grow with baby!
 Trying it on for size...
I'm interested to hear what birthday traditions do you celebrate.  What do you do just for birthday boys/girls?


Lydja said...

Is the crown a birthday tradition in your family? Love the banner!

We make Edin muffins every year because he likes them so much. We also blow up balloons and tape them to the wall. They usually get knocked off and then we can play with them.

Natalie said...

No, having a birthday crown is something that I read in "The Creative Family" and thought it was a fun idea.


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