Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Perfect for sitting on while you eat

I've been wanting to make a new high chair cover ever since I saw this post (her cover is gorgeous). So, I finally made one!  We received this highchair used, for free, and in pretty bad shape.  Not only is the cover nasty and stained, I don't like it.  We'll still continue to use the old one until I completely re-do it, but I wanted to make a new one for when the nasty one is in the wash too.  Oh, and one other complaint, the teeny tiny flap on the back. Hate it.

I got some fabric from my grandmother a few years ago and I'm still using it. The fabrics that I got have been amazing!  I've been keeping this fabric for a while because I've really wanted to make a duvet or something with it, but I decided that I'd rather use the fabric than have it stuck in my closet in a box forever, so here it is!  Also, I received some orange thread at the same time, and this thread must be super old from what the sticker on the spool looks like, not to mention that the thread is so thick and hard that you could tow a car with it!  Even when it breaks it doesn't fray! Wow!  They sure don't make it like they used to.

Well, I used the old nasty cover as a pattern.  I cut out a front and a back in the "new" fabric (so it's reversible!)  I also cut out a new bigger flap from some batting and orange fabric (also vintage from my grandmother) and cut out binding.

Just like I'm making a quilt, I quilted the cover in stripes to match the fabric.

After I sewed the flap on, I sewed the ironed binding around the edge.  I thought it would be nice to make a tiny little boarder.  WRONG!  Instead of cutting the binding 2 1/2 inches, I cut it 1 3/4 and it was horrible! Don't do it!

Okay, I flipped the binding over and sewed it with the machine around the front.  I usually sew the binding on by hand, but I didn't feel that this needed all love--it's going to be spit on.

I cut the hole for the between-the-legs-pole and then bound around that hole. That was a nightmare. There is a reason that there isn't a close-up.

Finished!  Hooray!  And look at the beautiful back flap. I can't wait for baby to get it use it and love it.

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Lydja said...

Natalie, that is so awesome.


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