Sunday, June 13, 2010


Encaustics = art with wax

Stool. Oil and encaustic. 6"x9". 2010. and close up.

I was introduced to encaustics (specifically, beeswax with oil paints) fairly recently by my fabulous (previously introduced) teacher.  Because beeswax is oil-based, it can be placed over aqueous media (such as watercolor, gauche, or acrylic paints), and both over and under oil paints.  I have a block of wax that I heat up on the stove, and then brush it over my painting.

I just love the texture that encaustic adds to painting, and the beautiful slightly opaque transparency.  As with most waxes, beeswax creates more opaqueness with thickness, and I really enjoy working with the play of obscurity it creates.  I also work with the texture by pushing items into the wax, by hand, with a letterpress, with a hairdryer, with a rolling pin, and whatever else I can.   Really, it's a combination of painting and printmaking. LOVE IT!

I Have Done So Much. oil and encaustic on board. 12"x12" 2010.

So Much to Do. oil and encaustic on board. 12"x12" 2010.  and both.

I also really like the texture of the heated wax and the brush. I played with that texture in this piece by rubbing oil paint back into the texture.  I was able to have my own handwriting pressed into these paintings by scanning my handwriting and making letterpress plates.

Virtue and Purity. oil and encaustic on board. 4"x6" 2010. and close up.

Here are some other studies and pieces that I have completed with encaustics.
While some of these paintings have found new homes, you can purchase the rest of them from my fine art gallery on my website.  Contact me if you'd like one that isn't listed.

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Jen said...

How beautiful! these are my favorite! They are so unique!!!


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