Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Annie Henrie

I first met Annie about three months ago.  I happened to see her amazing art before I met her, and man I was so glad to finally meet her.  After a quick introduction, we parted ways and I have been bragging about her art ever since.

Well, last night I went to her amazing art show.  Her art is up in the HFAC for two weeks, until July 29th, and I would definitely-- you will not be disappointed.  Not only is her art beautiful in technique and skill, but she has an amazing eye for good composition, texture, and spiritual depth.  I love being able to see more the longer I look at her art. 

The artist taking about her artwork at the reception last night.
All of her pieces are "mixed media," and after talking to her, learned that most of them are a combination of acrylic, oil, gauche, plaster, charcoal, pencil, and gold leaf.  When you get up close, you can definitely see all of the layers and beautiful texture in the paintings.

Streams of Mercy (below and details)

"Streams of Mercy" was the first painting I had ever seen of hers, hanging in the BYU Student Show.  I went home and immediately told my husband, "I found the painting that I want in my home!"  It is my favorite, but not by far.  In fact, I like all of her paintings so much, but because of the history I have with "Streams of Mercy," I don't think I can let myself like another painting quite as much.

I was only able to take a few quick shots, but she has pictures of a lot of her pieces, including close ups, on her website.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing what Annie accomplishes in the future, and believe me, she will accomplish MANY great things!  Great job on a fantastic show!

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Angie said...

I had the amazing privilege of going on an art study abroad with Annie while we were both still in school--I was always impressed with her art and it's been amazing to see her work get known within the church! I am so glad you got to see her work. And she is so nice!


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