Thursday, July 15, 2010

Super Easy Pallet

I have been using this nasty pallet for waaaay too long.  I used it all through college, but really, it was because I was too cheap to buy a better one.  I didn't know what to buy (or what not to buy) when I was just starting.  To save you the trouble- Don't EVER get particle board.

I am not the cleanest painter and it drove some of my teachers bonkers.  In fact, my figure painting instructor had me flip my pallet over to have a clean pallet on the other side.  I have been so cheap that I decided that I'd stick through school with the bad pallet, but because of that, I could never scrape off the old paint.  If I had scraped off the old paint, it would have cut into the board and ruined the pallet.

(It's really sad when you can see the dust on your pallet.)

Well, it finally got bad when I pulled out my pallet yesterday.  When I mixed up some new paint on top of the old stuff, I got so many nasty chucks of old paint in the new batch.  Extremely frustrated, I came to the sad realization that I should have come to a few years ago.  I have some extra glass just sitting around from all the framing of my show.  I'll show you a SUPER EASY way to get a good pallet.

Here's all you need:
glass (NOT plexiglass)
neutral gray paper (preferably of heavy cardstock or heavier so it doesn't rip later)
masking tape

1. Cut the paper to slightly smaller than the glass.  Tape on with masking tape, making sure to go around the edges of the glass.

2. Tape all the way around glass.  DONE!  See, I told you it was easy!
Now when you get old dried paint on it, just take a razor blade and scrape it off!  Hooray!  I am kicking myself that I didn't do this earlier.

Off to do some more painting!

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