Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Manly Potholders

My brother has been away for two years now and is going to be coming back to college life head-on.  Knowing that, a few months ago when a relative's grandmother passed away, instead of the relatives throwing away a lot of her kitchen stuff, they asked if my brother would need any.  How nice!  So, for the last few months, I have been housing a few boxes of random kitchen pots, mis-matched plates, cups, and everything else a college man will need to live on.  As I was digging through the boxes, I realized that if the pot holders weren't flowery, they were completely crusted or falling apart.  I decided to make him some pot holders that he wouldn't be embarrassed to use in front of his other guy friends.

1.  Cut up some old jeans into about 7" squares or bigger--you won't want them smaller.  I thought I had tons of jean scraps until I tried to find them. It's better not to use stretch jeans, and the thicker the better, but alas, all I could find were thin, stretch jeans.  If you use ultra-thick, non-stretch jeans, you won't get the sewing wrinkles from the jean stretching (you'll see later) and they'll hold up better.

2.  Cut some cotton batting the same size.  Then organize the squares so you have batting, a square of jean wrong-side touching the batting, then another square of jean right-side in (touching the other jean square).

3.  Sew around the entire square (batting, jean, jean), leaving an opening for flipping them right-side out.

4.  Sew a small hem around the entire square, making sure to sew over the opening you left to flip right-side out. (You can see the jean stretching-- sad)

5.  Then pull out any scraps that you have (cotton, of course) and sew them directly onto the "hot-pad" as I've always called them.  Create funky sewing lines as you go.

6.  Keep adding on more scraps and sewing lines.  The more, the merrier!

7.  Once you think you've added all the scraps that you want, fill in the empty space left of the pot holder with sewing lines.  This will help the hot-pad hold up during the washings and heat.  Voila! Finished!  I have four different hot-pads here.

*Tip* Make sure you ONLY use cotton. It washes and holds up better than anything else with the heat.  NEVER NEVER NEVER use polyester or other man-made fibers because most of them will melt when they get hot.

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