Friday, August 13, 2010

Upholstery Purse Tutorial

I have this fabulous Upholstery fabric that I got from my grandmother a few years ago. I swear, it's straight out of the 60's and I absolutely LOVE it!  I even made a tree skirt out of it a few years ago.  Well, I am almost completely out of it, but I had a few scraps left.

I know that this isn't the best way to make a purse, but it got the job done. I'll show you what I did.

1. Cut the inner and outer fabrics, enough for the sides of the purse and the bottom. Then you'll need some for any pockets inside, and the strap.  For this design, I also made some little loops on the sides for the strap to tie into.

2. Sew the sides and the bottom panel together. Since I made a square bottom, I had a separate bottom piece, but you don't need the bottom piece--you can just sew three sides of large rectangle for the purse shape.  Make sure you're sewing right-sides-together.
Do the same with the upholstery fabric.

3.  Then, fold the un-sewn sides to the un-sewn side of the bottom piece to form a square.  Do the same with the upholstery fabric.

4.  Sew in any pockets onto the inner fabric.

4.  Keep the upholstery fabric inside-out and place the inner fabric wrong-side-out inside the upholstery bag.  Then sew them together around the outer edges.  Make sure to leave a hole for flipping the whole thing right-side-out.  I don't have a serger, so I zip-zaged everything after I straight-sewed it.  If you have a serger, use it!

5.  Flip the whole thing right-side-out and sew around the edges to close the hole you left.

6. Next we're going to work on the loops that the strap is going to tie into.  I know this wasn't the best way to do it, but I'll figure out a better way next time.  I'll just show you what I did.  I cut a funky shape for the loop to be.  I didn't make the skinny part long enough. It should be at least double that long.  I sewed around the edges of just the skinny part, and then flipped it right-side-out.

For a more unique look that highlights the cute loops you're about to put on, make it out of a different fabric so they stand out.  Even use the same fabric you used for in the inside.  (I'm kind of disappointed that because I used the same fabric, you can't even see the more work I put into the loops.)

7.  Then I sewed them to the hems on each side of the bag, making sure to tuck in the fraying edges as I go.  They're pretty cute loops if you ask me.

8.  Sew the strap and flip right-side-out.  Then string it through the little loops you just sewed on and tie the straps.

9.  Sew on a cute button, and a little elastic, and you're good to go!  Enjoy this unique purse!

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The Osborne Family said...

I love it! Now make one for me. =)


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