Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boutiful Temple

I finally just finished a painting of the Bountiful Temple. It's an absolutely gorgeous building that our friends got married in.  This painting has been in progress for a while, so I am so glad that I was able to give them this painting this week.
On a sadder note, I totally burned my pan of beeswax yesterday, with the brush in it. Silly me. I turned the stove up to high, when beeswax melts while it's on low.  I just wasn't thinking.  My brush is completely ruined (I burned half the bristles clear off and the rest are half charred off themselves) and turned into this massive glob of green nastiness.  Now I need to get some new beeswax and brush :(


Lydja said...

Sad about the beeswax and brush! But I love the painting.

Natalie said...

thanks Lydia! I'm so sad that we don't live right next to each other anymore :(


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