Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween is coming!

Well, I know it's still a little ways off, but it's time to start doing tons of Halloween crafts to be ready in time, right??  I'm super excited and hopefully I'll do tons of fun crafts to show you, but for now, here are lots of great ideas I'm thinking about:

Making a life-sized mummy Ooo.  It's so creepy.

glittery pumpkins

creepy candles

use these printable vintage poison labels for a fake apothecary

a witch's curtain

spider web balloons-- so cool!

I've made these shrunken apple heads before, and I'll definitely make some more this year!

this living severed hand is awesome!

an elegant black ribbon wreath

bat prints from leaves

I am sooo looking forward to this holiday.  I love Halloween and it's going to be great. Now I just need to think of a costume for my little 16 month old...  any suggestions?

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Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

Oh my you're going to be annoyed with me.... but I need another invite to your family blog. For some reason I thought you invited me through Facebook, but we only discussed it there. I went through my emails to find the invite, and it's expired. So annoying. I know it's a pain to invite. I swear I'll accept right away so this doesn't happen again.
do you still have my email?


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