Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby Owl Halloween Costume

He HATES the hood :(  Too badly it exponentially increases his cuteness.

The Prairie Points-- disclaimer: I've never done prairie points before, but from what I remember, this is a somewhat simplified version.  Great for when you make a bazillion of them, like I did.

Also, sometime the flash washes all the color out, so some of the pictures are taken without the flash, therefore the two different color schemes.  The flash photos are closer to the actual colors, but without the flash you get the texture and depth better.

Cut 4" strips-

 Cut the strip into 4" squares, leaving a little attached. It makes it a TON easier when doing them in a group--

You can either leave the strips of finished together or cut them apart for more versatility in positioning them. I did both.

The body prairie points: For variety, I combined a few different fabrics.

It created some pretty interesting finished points:

The belly:
Work you way from the bottom up.


The wings:  Because I did all of the initial fabric framing with burlap, I had to bind the edges to the burlap didn't fray.

 Straps for his little arms on the wings:

Straps for the shoulders:

The hood:

Lining the hood for comfort and adding ties:

The finished costume!

And the subsequent mess:

I'm going to have to re-work the size of the wings so they're not so overwhelming...

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