Monday, October 11, 2010

Paper Garland

My hubby's birthday is coming up and as promised, I will show you the pretty pictures of the paper garland all up and ready for his birthday.  Believe me, it has been killing me to wait to put of the garland. After all, I've had it finished for, what, three weeks?

Super Super easy.  All you need:  paper and sewing machine.  Like I said, super easy.

1.  Cut out circles out of your paper.  I chose an Ikea catalog because it was thick and lots of pictures to choose from.  I recommend being VERY picky about which pictures you use.  Narrow down a color scheme and stick to it.  It will be very rewarding when your finished garland doesn't have random sploches of yellow here and there.  I chose to do a black, white, and red color scheme.
I am super cheap and have been scouring clearance racks for circle scrapbook cutters, but alas, no luck.  So, I cut all of the circles by hand. It actually wasn't very bad at all.  I thought I was going to be in so much scissor-pain afterward, but if you fold the paper and double or triple it up, they're cut in no time.  Use a stencil, like a cup or something so they're mostly circular.  And use at least two sizes.  (I used three).  Also, depending on the size of the circles and how close you sew them, you'll need about 3-4 per foot.  I'm estimating that I have over 100 feet of finished garland. You do the math.

2.  Go through every piece front and back to make sure that you don't have a random woman's head  (I had two of those) or a word like "SALE!" or a bright orange price tag.  Cut out plenty of circles so you won't feel badly for throwing out the ones that don't fit exactly.  You'll be happier.

Some that didn't make the cut:

3.  Sew straight lines through the circles and keep the sewing machine going in the space.  I experimented with stopping the sewing and pulling the thread through, but not only did this take more time, but it didn't work as well.  Keeping the sewing machine going creates a beautiful rope-like look that will keep throughout your garland.

Also, use the basting stitch (on mine it's 4).  That way, you won't perforate the paper as you sew.  The smaller the stitches, the more likely that the paper will rip.

If you're not hanging the garland up immediately, like me, wrap it around something circular, but not too small, like a water bottle.  Don't wrap it around something smaller, because it could crease your paper circles.
I hung up the garland by putting a piece of tape on a paper circle (to make it sturdier), then I ran a very small straight pin through a hole in the paper, making sure to run it in the middle of two threads, also for durability. Then I pushed the pin into the ceiling near the wall.  The hole from the pin is so small, that even when the garland is taken down, you can't see the holes.

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Jen said...

Cute. Great idea! I also love your couch and rug.


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