Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hand-drawn Porcelain Clocks

One of the gifts that I am giving this year, are hand-drawn clocks.  I've only had one go at this, so I'm sure I'll improve as I go, and because some of the people that may be receiving a clock, I won't post all of the photos until after the holidays, but here is a sneak peak!

1. Get a porcelain plate.  I got mine for $.97 at a local thrift store.  Drill a hole in the middle with a tile/glass bit.  Use a hand drill, because you'll want to swivel the drill a little as you're drilling. Also, put some water on the plate as you're going. It's slow, but I've had GREAT luck.  I've drilled three plates and none of them cracked or did anything I didn't want it to do.

2.  Use a porcelain marker and draw on your design.  As long as you don't wait too long, you can wipe off any mistakes with a damp cloth.

3. Let dry for 24 hours and bake in the oven, according to directions on the marker.

4. Put in the clock mechanism and it's finished! So easy and super cheap!

Options: You could definitely use this to make just beautiful hand-drawn plates to give away.  I'm also going to be doing this to some mugs for gifts.  Also, there are tons of porcelain marker colors. Have fun!

Remember, if you complete any of my tutorials, I'd LOVE to see photos!


Miki said...

I love this!


Carrie said...

That is so great! Maybe you could sell these on Etsy?

Natalie said...

I think I will sell them on Etsy!!!


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