Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today I took the opportunity to go to my old Middle School where I participated in Art Club as a seventh and eighth grader.  I loved it and was able to do some pretty fun projects after school. One of the projects that I did was a school beautification project, where I painted on one of the stairwells in the school.  Ideally, I wanted to paint a ceiling of the school but because of safety reasons, the school authorities wouldn't let us.  Instead, we painted a sloped wall that was the underneath of a set of stairs.

Painting a constellation scene, we had a black sky and thousands of stars (dots).  We painted all of the major constellations in their actually star formations with a opaque painting of the symbolism of the constellation.  For example, one of my favorite executions of this was Orion.  On top of the famous Orion's Belt, I painted a scene of Orion pulling his bow back.

I can't remember exactly how the entire painting went, but the whole thing was about 15 feet long (or tall as this case was) and 5 or 6 feet wide.  It contained about 10 different famous constellations.
Anyway, a few years ago I was in the Middle School and saw the painting still under the stair well, but was unluckily enough to not have my camera. 

Back to today, I went to my Middle school to take a picture of this painting that I had done a decade earlier.  After signing into the office as a visitor and noting that a new addition had been built onto the Art wing of the school, I realized that my painting was gone!  It looks like someone painted over the painting with plain white house paint.  I am so sad that I wasn't able to take a picture of it.  It was a great painting and contained lots of great memories for me.  I suppose that from now on, I'll just have to remember how great the painting was. :(

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