Sunday, January 30, 2011

Parties and Pillows

 Simple paper hearts for a small Valentine's party:

 Fabric roses I made for an easy Valentine's Day decoration.  I saw the tutorial on Pretty Handy Girl (I love her blog!)

After re-making all of my pillow forms, I made some more modern and contemporary pillow cases.  Even my husband commented that this was the first time we hadn't had "old woman pillows."  Thanks.  I'm glad he appreciates my work :)

Also, this chair is one that I re-upholstered that used to belong to my great-grandfather. I did most of the renovations about three years ago, but I can finally say it's finished, as of this last week!

And a fun tiny bunting for a friend's birthday cake.  I made the chocolate (three-layer) cake and frosting from a Better Homes and Gardens (I think Jan or Feb issue) recipe. It is the best chocolate cake I think I've ever made so it will definitely be a repeat!

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