Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No-Sew Easter Baskets

In my family, everyone had an Easter basket every year.  We would wake up to the wonderful smell of breakfast on the glorious Sunday morning, and find our Easter basket, which was hidden (like our stockings at Christmas) and filled with candy and small toys. (We'd also always get a dress with a purse [or church clothes for the boys], pj's, and underwear! So fun!)  The best part was figuring out whose basket was whose.  Because we sometimes got new baskets (and we always re-used already owned ones) they were never marked except for the tiny presents inside.  We'd find a basket only to realize that we think the basket was for my older sister, for instance.  It was a wonderful tradition, and one that I'd love to continue when my babies get old enough to enjoy it.

With Easter quickly approaching, I haven't been able to find a basket that I really like for baby's basket this year.  So, I decided to make one.

Cut a few different fabrics into 2" strips.

Iron those strips into bias tape (of sorts), so the raw edges are folded in.

For this basket, I used strips that were about 2' long.  I used 14 each direction for the base, weaving them together.

Once the base was satisfactory, I continued weaving, bending the fabric up to form a wall.  It was a little difficult to get it the right shape, but work with it.  I had some trouble so I used an embroidery hoop to hold the sides up for a bit.  If my sides were any taller, it would really have come in handy.

As you are weaving, go around in a continuous loop, knotting new fabric strips when you run out.  I tried doing it without knotting them (just keeping tucked in), and it didn't work.  They kept slipping out, so knot them. Besides, the knots are kind of cute.

On the last pass, tie two of the pieces shooting straight up (to form the sides) around the top most woven fabric.  Tie around the entire top.  Finished!

I made some adorable glitter eggs for some decorations.  I used modge podge and tissue paper on a plastic generic egg. Then before the modge podge dried, I put glitter on them.  The glitter is still coming off everywhere, so I'm going to spray a clear coat of acrylic sealer on them.  I haven't decided if I'll cut them open to use them, or leave them as is for decoration only.


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